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Siberian Kittens City

Our family is very enthusiastic about breeding Siberian kittens for sale. Our mission has been to breed healthy Siberian kittens with look and behavior that will steal your heart since 2012. Since then we have established an international reputation as trusted breeders producing some of the most beautiful Siberian cats and kittens in the world!

Our Siberian kittens and siberian cats for sale are purebred and TICA (The International Cat Association) registered. We breed these attractive cats in rare and spectacular temperaments and colors. If you are interested in buying a top quality Siberian kitten or cat that truly is above all others. Siberian Kittens City Cattery is without a doubt the right choice for you.



Why Choose Us

Our initial breeding cats were shipped from Russia and the United States. We have many famous Siberian cats in our pedigrees who have won top titles in their respective show organizations. We also have some newer bloodlines brought from Russia to diversify the pedigrees of our kittens.
New bloodlines are becoming increasingly rare in the breed, so this is an important part of our breeding program so that we can contribute to the future diversity of the Siberian breed.

While we are extremely passionate about the Siberian Cat and our breeding and show success, we also have a family and a very busy schedule, so we prefer to make all initial contact with potential kitten owners via email. This allows us to communicate after our kids have gone to bed and all of our kittens have been fed and groomed! Thanks for your patience throughout this topic!