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Siberian Kittens City is a Hobby Breeder dedicated to raising quality Siberian kittens with loving personalities. It is our goal to breed Siberian cats for temperament, as well as beauty and health. Our Siberian kittens are raised in a loving environment, with tons of attention and constant human contact. We focus our attention on the development of a consistent type of Siberian Silver, Traditional and Golden colors. We are proud members of TICA and CFA and answer to their high standards of conduct and code of ethics.
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Hypoallergenic, easy to train, requires lots of grooming, friendly toward humans, friendly toward other pets, friendly toward strangers, high prey drive, strong loyalty tendencies, good lap cat, tolerates being picked up.


These medium-sized cats were certainly built for their environment in the forests of icy Siberia. Siberian cats have long, triple-layered, water-resistant coats and sturdy, muscular bodies that seem heavy compared to their size.

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Siberian cats are lovable and loyal family companions who get along well with children and other pets. Learn more about this rugged Russian cat breed.


Siberian Kittens City

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We focus on improvement of the breed. What this means to us is that we always make a conscious effort to study the health, temperament, conformation and pedigrees of our cats and make any needed improvements when planning our breeding.




We purchased Luka from Siberian Kittens City Cattery around 8 years ago because I am allergic to cats. I take allergy medication on a daily basis. I ran out of medicines recently and went a week without them. I’ve never had an issue snuggling with him every day, even when I wasn’t on medicines. The best decision I’ve ever made.

Vander Walle

Our Siberian Kitten have been with us for 9 years. My daughter has known them since she was a child. Recently, we acquired a sphynx kitten. My daughter has a sphynx allergy. Because she has only been around Siberians, she had no idea she was allergic to cats! But we happy to when we buy Siberian Cat from Siberian Kittens City.

Mary Ann Pegg